“Fargo’s First House” Project Reveal to Happen Monday

(West Fargo, ND) -- Fargo's First home is getting a facelift Monday.

Last week, the major restoration project with over 3 years of planning and funding, from both the Hector Family and the State Historical Society, was completed. 

Homesteader Harry Moore filed one of the earliest claims in the Red River Valley area in 1869. With the help of carpenter George Mann, Moore built an oak log house in 1871 near the river channel in what is today Island Park. The home was relocated several times and served as both the city jail and a hotel. The Henry Hector family called this house home from 1892 to 1952. In 1974, the Fargo Moorhead Board of Realtors bought the house and donated it to Bonanzaville where it is visited by thousands of people each year. 

On hand for the 4pm unveiling Monday will be Hector Family representatives, Forness Family representatives, Mayor Tim Mahoney, Bonanzaville staff and friends and volunteers of Bonanzaville.