Beautiful Start To Our week... More Rain Midweek... Labor Day Weekend, Wet or Dry?


The weather will be near perfect to end out August in my opinion.

To start off our work week on Monday 8-30-21, plenty of sunshine, light winds, and seasonable temperatures in the low 80's! Same for Tuesday just a little breezier with SE winds between 10-20 mph. Nice again for Wednesday, upper 70's and partly cloudy but windy with 10-20 mph winds gusting up to 30 mph from the SE.

Heading into the evening of Wednesday and overnight will see more rain entering the area, scattered showers and thundershowers will push into Thursday. This is going to bring additional much-needed rain! It's playing out exactly how we have needed it as well... a little here and a little there... we've gotten about 2 inches over the last 7-10 days and it looks like will receive another .5 - 1.0 inch going through Thursday! (Attached above is the latest National blend of models estimated precip.)

Let us turn to the upcoming holiday weekend now.

The weekend looks like it will be split and cooler than we're used to, temperatures in the lower 70's to upper 60's across the area. It looks like will get a break from the rain on Friday right now but, were monitoring two upper-level disturbances that could spark up some showers and thunderstorm. The first wave will be pushing in on Saturday. That upper-level disturbance doesn't look the best but none the less it could still spark up some showers around the area. The second "better looking" disturbance comes in later on Monday.

Will the timing on these change?

More than likely... we will just have to wait and see how the waves track through the middle of the week to obtain more confidence on the chance and timing of the possible showers.