Hector Airport Executive Director talks year in review, issues with flights, weather and more

Photo by: Shawn Dobberstein
Photo by: Shawn Dobberstein

(Fargo, ND) -- It's been a crazy year at Hector International Airport, and the Executive Director of it is pulling no punches talking about the ups and downs.

Shawn Dobberstein caught up with WDAY Midday Wednesday to talk about near record setting months of passengers flying to and from the airport from June through October, with November being the highest traffic seen ever at Hector. He also talked about the recent severe weather here in Fargo, and how it's become the norm for employees and the airport to deal with conditions like earlier this week multiple times throughout not only the winter months, but with severe storms in the summer as well.

Dobberstein also talks about the NDSU Bison Football National title game coming up, and if there are still some tickets and spots available on flights down to Texas if you're looking to attend.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2021