Trooper Wesley Maley, We Salute You!

Trooper Maley has been employed by the North Dakota Highway Patrol since 2005, serving originally in Cooperstown, and since 2007 in Oakes. 
Prior to employment with the NDHP, Wes was a deputy for the Ransom County Sheriff’s Office.  Wes is a traffic enforcement trooper, but serves more than this role within the NDHP. 
Because of his deputy background and his overall experience and training, Wes is a conduit for local law enforcement agencies in his work area. Wes works with local police departments and sheriff’s offices regularly with domestic violence calls, burglaries, assault investigations, drug crimes, homicides and other calls for service involving law enforcement. 

He is also a resource for his community. 
Wes is well known in the City of Oakes and the surrounding area, and the public will call him directly when they have information to provide law enforcement or if they need help. 
He is always willing to provide that help, respond or direct the information or person to the right resource. 
He regularly participates in local driver’s education programs, the Cops N Kids Christmas program and other events that are going on in his area.

Trooper Maley is an expert in teaching standardized field sobriety testing and teaches at the NDHP Law Enforcement Training Academy three times each year to each class of new law enforcement officers from agencies statewide. 
His curriculum has helped hundreds of officers successfully identity and test DUI drivers, helping the officer develop probable cause to make an arrest and remove impaired drivers from our roadways. 
Without this expert training, our roadways would be a more dangerous place.  Wes has been teaching this program for nearly 10 years.

Trooper Maley is a leader when it comes to enforcement efforts in the NDHP as well. He is well versed in all aspects of his traffic enforcement duties. 
Traffic troopers are expected to be experts in many areas to include enforcing traffic laws, criminal laws, commercial motor vehicle regulations and responding to all sorts of incidents happening on our roadways. 
Wes remains calm, knows his work area, the events that are going on and where he can be the most effective deterrent each shift. 
Wes leads by example in his enforcement, by remaining committed to NDHP Values each day in his professionalism, integrity, respect and commitment. 
He works all our overtime programs, dedicated his normal time off to making North Dakota a safer place. 

The NDHP is lucky to have such committed individuals, such as Trooper Maley.

Trooper Wesley Maley, we salute you!