Cass County Road 17 and 76th Avenue South Roundabout Opening to Traffic Saturday


On Saturday, crews will open the new Country Road 17 and 76th Avenue South roundabout in the evening. Motorists will no longer be detoured to 81st Street South and through access on Country Road 17 will be restored in all directions. Speeds through the roundabout will be posted at 25 mph.  

The new intersection design is an one and a half lane roundabout. This means there is an single traffic lane around the whole roundabout with extra turning lanes on both of the east side corners of the roundabout to keep northbound and eastbound in a continuous traffic flow.  

“Roundabouts are safe and efficient, but they are not the ideal solution for every intersection,” said Kyle Litchy, Assistant County Engineer. “The 2018 corridor study conducted at this intersection looked at several factors when deciding to build this type of roundabout at 76th Avenue South. With the projected increase in east – west traffic leaving the new West Fargo District school campus, this type of roundabout will bring the needed pedestrian safety and smoother traffic movements than the previous intersection design."

This week crews are finishing installing permanent signage, pavement markings, and roadway clean up before the roundabout is ready open to traffic.


Beginning Monday, August 19, crews will begin improving 76th Avenue South east of the roundabout to the entrance of the new school campus. Work includes installation of new storm sewer, curb and gutter, and additional driving lanes. Contractors will pave about an half mile of 76th Avenue South from east of the roundabout.

Residents will access their driveways via the new County Road 17 and 76th Avenue roundabout and turn on the new frontage road to continue east. There will be no outlet east of Adelman’s Addition entrance until project work is complete.  


In the coming weeks, contractors will be removing or encounter the following changes along the posted detour route and CR 17:

  • The full posted detour route will be bladed and reshaped to ensure the road is in quality condition.
  • County Road 6 will be restored to free flowing for east – west travel and temporary stop signs removed
  • Speed limits will change on CR 17 near the roundabout:
    • South of the roundabout through downtown will change to 25 mph
    • South 52nd Avenue South roundabout to north of the roundabout will change to 45 mph

 “We know road improvement projects can be disruptive and inconvenient, said Kory Peterson, City of Horace Mayor. “We want to thank our residents and businesses for their patience as we wrap up this important project.”

By the end of October, all work is expected to be complete and traffic control will be removed from Horace project limits. The improvement project began in late May with the last major project work on occurring on CR 17 about 15 years earlier. Over the next few years Cass County Highway Department has slated plans to continue roadway improvements to the east to the Interstate 29 frontage road.