Cramer Meets with Devils Lake Leaders, Tours Construction Projects


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) on Friday morning met with community leaders in Devils Lake and toured local construction projects.

“We discussed trade, agriculture, and local issues impacting this community,” Senator Cramer said of the meeting. “I am grateful to hear from these leaders, and I thank them for being gracious hosts.”

Those in attendance included Mayor Dick Johnson, State Senator Dave Oehlke, State Representatives Dennis Johnson and Greg Westlind, City Administrator Terry Johnson, City Engineer Mike Grafsgaard, Tourism Director Suzy Kenner, and Lake Region State President Doug Darling.

Following the meeting, Senator Cramer toured local construction projects and received an update on their progress from community leaders.

This tour comes as the United States Senate is set to consider a highway reauthorization bill which passed unanimously out of the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee. Senator Cramer, a member of EPW, recently praised the highway bill and submitted the comments about the bill he received from North Dakotans into the official Senate record. He stressed the benefit this bill brings to the state; specifically, it maintains the current funding formula which ensures North Dakota receives steady funding and flexibility for infrastructure projects.

“Infrastructure projects are best managed when they are done at the local level, overseen by leaders most accountable to their communities,” said Senator Cramer. “I’m grateful to see the progress being made here, and I am optimistic for this city’s future.”