Minnesota Vote-From-Home At Record High


It’s becoming a popular trend nationwide. And in Minnesota, it’s even more popular.

It’s called Vote-From-Home, or in some states, absentee.

In Minnesota, Vote-From-Home has been available since 2014. In its first year statewide, as of July 26, 9,062 voters had chosen the vote-from-home or the other ever-so-popular, absentee option.

This year, more than 29,000 people chose to either vote-from-home or vote absentee. That is a nearly 151 percent change from 2014. The 2018 statewide primary election is on-track to see continued growth in the popularity of this voting option.

Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon says, “Minnesota voters in 2018 are well on their way to maintaining our best-in-the-nation status for voter participation.”