13th Avenue and 16th Street Intersection Short-term Closure in West Fargo


July 28 contractors for the 13th Avenue Road Reconstruction and Infrastructure Improvement Project have reopened the south side of the intersection of 13th Avenue and 14th Street East in West Fargo. All turning movements for the intersection are restored.

Beginning Monday, July 30, the south side of the intersection of 13th Avenue and 16th Street East in West Fargo will have a short-term intersection closure as crews begin dirt and gravel work to prepare the intersection for paving operations. During the short-term intersection closure, motorists are not allowed to turn on to the main line of 13th Avenue from the southside. Once work is completed the turning movements onto 13th Avenue from the intersection will be restored. Project work is expected to last for two days and the intersection will reopen to drivers.

In the upcoming weeks traffic will shift onto the new south side concrete in two different phases. The first section will move late next week onto the newly improved south side roadway between 48th Street S and just east of 17th Street E. The second section will shift from 17th Street E to 12th Street E.  On 13th Avenue between 48th Street S in Fargo to 12th Street E in West Fargo, traffic is currently head-to-head, plus turn lanes, on the north side of the street through the work zone.

The purpose of the project is to replace aging infrastructure, with a goal of improving both pedestrian and vehicular safety and increasing roadway capacity through the area.