Rolette Man Faces Multiple Charges


A complaint filed in the Northeast Judicial Court in Rolette County paints the picture of what occurred on July 31 at 605 3rd Avenue in Rolette.

Ronald W. Wootan faces a total of five charges following the standoff and incident that killed James Pochant.

Wootan faces a Class A Felony count of Criminal Attempt of Murder after while refusing to exit his home, Wootan fired his firearm at law enforcement. The complaint filed in court says Wootan’s fired shots struck the Minot Police Department’s SWAT team vehicle, with members inside. Wootan’s actions, court documents say, were taken with the clear intent of shooting and killing law enforcement.

The second count is a Class C Felony count of terrorizing. Court documents say Wootan caused fear of imminent harm to others when he threatened to kill while brandishing a firearm.

The third charge, a Class C Felony for reckless endangerment, was a result of Wootan’s discharge of a firearm, which sent live rounds into the residential areas of Rolette. At least one residence was impacted.

The fourth of five charges is a Class C Felony for preventing arrest or discharge of other duties. Wootan resisted arrest on the felonies by refusing to comply with multiple commands, while attempting to flee. Authorities had to use alternative means of force to secure Wootan into custody.

The fifth charge is a Class AA Felony for murder. According to court documents, Wootan knowingly or intentionally caused the death of Pochant by shooting him with a firearm.

Wootan will appear for a preliminary hearing in Rolette County District Court on October 29 at 1 p.m.