Hoeven Outlines Benefits of Tax and Regulatory Relief, Efforts to Advance Infrastructure Development


Senator John Hoeven today outlined his efforts to support strong economic growth through regulatory relief, tax relief and infrastructure development. Hoeven delivered the remarks at an educational forum hosted by the American Conservative Union in Bismarck. Prior to his speech, Hoeven introduced Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, who delivered a keynote address for the event.

“A strong and growing economy ensures a higher quality of life for our citizens and greater government revenues over the long-term to address our debt and deficit and invest in our nation’s priorities,” Hoeven said. “Tax and regulatory relief deliver real benefits to workers and their families, both by lowering their tax burden, but also in boosting demand for labor, which will result in higher wages. Further, this relief has helped us surpass 4 percent annualized growth in the second quarter of this year, a tremendous achievement that our efforts will help continue. Through legislation like my Move America Act and similar measures, we can further boost this growth and make sure our nation has the roads, bridges, transmission lines and other infrastructure we need to meet the demands of an expanding economy. ”