Fargo Public Schools releases statement on incident at Woodrow Wilson High School


The following is a statement from Fargo Public Schools regarding an incident at Woodrow Wilson High School on Monday, November 25:

Mid-morning on Monday, November 25, a student reported a marijuana smell in a bathroom to administration at Woodrow Wilson High School, a program at the Agassiz building in Fargo.  Administration began an investigation, reviewing security camera footage, and determined a student to question.  The School Resource Officer and Woodrow Wilson administration accompanied the student to the school office and administration conducted a student search.

During the search, an unloaded CO2 BB pistol was found in the student’s backpack, along with marijuana edible gummies, marijuana and paraphernalia.  No BBs or any form of ammunition was found on the student or in the student’s possession.  The student made no threats of violence prior to, or during, the investigation.  All items found in the search were immediately transferred to the Fargo Police Department.  The student’s parent was contacted, and the student was taken into police custody without incident.

School administration followed Administrative Policy 6320 and have suspended the student pending potential further action.  Administration worked collaboratively with the School Resource Officer and the Fargo Police Department regarding this incident today.