Elementary school to host character assembly


On Wednesday, December 18, the Kennedy Elementary School student body will gather for their monthly Character Assembly. This month, fourth graders will present the pillar of Caring.

In preparation for the assembly, each fourth grade class created a poster with examples of ways to show Caring. When complete, the poster together will spell “Kennedy CARES.” The assembly will also feature guest speaker and author of Water Works Sawyer Anderson of West Fargo. Anderson will share her mission and read her book to the school.

After learning about the difficulty many families in Africa face in obtaining water, ten-year-old Anderson wanted to help. Compelled to find a way to make a difference, Anderson set out to raise $50.00 selling her grandma’s cookies at a garage sale. Anderson created a children’s book called Water Works to illustrate the challenges African villagers face in procuring clean water and to raise more money for additional wells.