Discovery Middle School: Statement Regarding CO2 Pistol Incident


Media Release from Fargo Public Schools:

The following is a statement from Fargo Public Schools regarding an incident at Discovery Middle School on Wednesday, December 18.  No further information is available and interviews will not be conducted at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.

On Wednesday, December 18, 2019 a tip was phoned in by a parent to the Discovery Middle School Office that their child had suspicion that another student had a gun in a backpack.  Administration conducted a search of the suspected student’s locker.  During the search of the locker, a CO2 BB pistol was found in the student’s backpack within the locker.  The CO2 BB pistol was not loaded and there were no BB’s found in the search.

The student was removed from class and accompanied administration to the school office.  The student’s parent was contacted.  The student made no threats of violence prior to, or during, the investigation.

School administration followed Administrative Policy 6320 and have suspended the student indefinitely.  Administration worked collaboratively with the School Resource Officer and the Fargo Police Department regarding this incident today.  The student has been charged with possession of a concealed weapon.