Walsh County man faces numerous charges following incident


Authorities in Walsh County say a 53-year-old Grafton man faces Class C Felony charges of terrorizing, assault on a peace officer, knowingly contact by bodily fluids and threatening public servant.
It all happened December 12 at a Grafton residence.

Court documents say that, on December 12, at 7:49 p.m., authorities responded to a call in the City of Grafton for a report of a sucidal subject. Authorities were informed that the suspect, Jay Mayer, had made sucidal comments about blowing up his home and possibly armed with a bat.

When authorities arrived, they couldn't immediately make contact with Mayer, but eventually were told, by his wife, that he was in the basement. Authorities again tried to make contact multiple times, while in the basement, when, after several attempts, Mayer answered, "Get the -expletive- out of my house!"

Mayer was combative while authorities were arresting him. He and the deputy arresting fell to the ground during the arrest, causing injury to the deputy's hand.

A taser was used twice on Mayer.

When being escorted upstars, Mayer threatened "I'll kick you in the -expletive- teeth!"

Once upstairs, he again fought with law enforcement, later proceeding to spit in the face of an officer. On the way to the patrol vehicle, Mayer said "I'm going to kill someone when I get out."

In all, Mayer faces four Class C Felonies, stemming from the incident.