Fargo travel advisory lifted at noon, 19th Avenue North to remain closed


The No Travel Advisory in Fargo will be lifted at 12 noon today. However, 19th Avenue North will remain closed for the foreseeable future until wind speeds decrease.

Fargo trash and recycling collections will now begin at 12 noon. City facilities and the Ground Transportation Center (GTC) in Downtown Fargo will open at 12 noon, with MATBUS services beginning at 12:15 p.m.

These are extreme conditions and Fargo Public Works staff members are asking residents to be patient. Crews worked overnight in residential areas on single pass-throughs. Every available staff member and piece of equipment is on the road battling the 13.5 inches of snow and continued high winds.

Removing snow from neighborhood roads in the far southern areas of Fargo is proving challenging, with City snowplows unable to move the amount of snow blown into these developments. Public Works crew members are utilizing even heavier equipment (including payloaders and motor graders) due to the weight and magnitude of the snow.  Crews will be in these neighborhoods today; the City of Fargo is working as expeditiously as possible to open the roads for our residents and visitors.