Block 9 Full Speed Ahead


The Block 9 Project has started gaining speed.

Mike Allmendinger, President of the Kilbourne Group, says the project’s groundbreaking will happen this year—within the next couple of months. The building is planned to be opened by fall 2020.

Allmendinger joined WZFG’s Need To Know Morning Show on Monday.

He says the most exciting part, according to residents he’s talked to, is the plaza that is to be built. On the other hand, the biggest concern is having good access to businesses during construction phase.

The building will be 17 stories tall, and will include retail space, a hotel and the corporate offices for RDO. The hotel will include 125 rooms.

In addition, eight residential condos will be available.

The date for the groundbreaking will be set within the next couple of weeks according to Allmendinger.