Election 2020 Headquarters


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Election Day: November 3, 2020

North Dakota 2020 Ballot Measures

Double Election or Legislature Approval Requirement for Initiated Amendments Measure (SCR 4001) - Direct Democracy Measure

Amendment Changing the Membership and Terms of the Board of Higher Education (SCR 4016) - Education

North Dakota Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives


State Auditor

  • Josh Gallion (R) (Incumbent)
  • Patrick Hart (D)​

State Treasurer

Insurance Commissioner

Public Service Commissioner

Superintendent of Public Instruction

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice

State Legislature

    District 16 House of Representatives

    • Ben Koppelman
    • Andrew Marschall​

    District 16 Senate

    • David Clemens​

    District 20 House of Representatives

    • Aaron McWilliams
    • Mike Beltz

    District 20 Senate

    • Randy Lemm

    District 22 House of Representatives

    • Michael Howe
    • Brandy Pole

    District 22 Senate

    • Mark Weber

    District 44 House of Representatives

    • Josh Boschee
    • Karla Rose Hanson

    District 44 Senate

    • Merrill Piepkorn

    District 46 House of Representatives

    District 46 Senate

    Schools Boards

    Cass County Commission

    Fargo County Commission

    Fargo Park Board

    • Jerry Rostad

    Fargo School Board

    • Brandi Aune
    • John Rodenbiker
    • Kristi Ulrich
    • Seth Holden

    West Fargo City Commission

    • Mark Simmons
    • Mandy George
    • Roben Anderson

    West Fargo Park Board

    West Fargo School Board

    • Trisha Page
    • Shannon Grave

    Minnesota Candidates

    U.S. House of Representatives

    District 1

    • Johnny Akzam (D)
    • Dan Feehan (D)
    • Ralph Kaehler (D)

    District 2

    • Angie Craig (I)
    • Regina Barr (R)
    • Tyler Kistner (R)
    • Edward Moritz (R)
    • Rick Olson (R)
    • Kerry Zeiler (R)

    District 3

    • Dean Phillips (I)
    • Leslie Davis (R)
    • Kendall Qualls (R)

    District 4

    • David Sandbeck (D)
    • Travis Ekbom (R)
    • Sia Lo (R)

    District 5

    • Ilhan Omar (Incumbent)
    • John Mason (D)
    • Antone Melton-Meaux (D)
    • Lacy Johnson (R)
    • Danielle Stella (R)
    • Lucia Vogel (R)
    • Alley Waterbury (R)
    • Brent Whaley (R)
    • Dalia al-Aqidi (R)
    • Chris Kelley (Independence Party)

    District 6

    • Ian Todd (D)
    • Tawnja Zahradka (D)
    • Tom Emmer (Incumbent)

    District 7

    District 8

    • Marjorie Holmstrom-Sabo (D)
    • Quinn Nystrom (D)

    U.S. Senate

    • Tina Smith (Incumbent)
    • Steve Carlson (D)
    • Rob Barrett Jr. (R)
    • Christopher Chamberlin (R)
    • Forest Hyatt (R)
    • Jason Lewis (R)
    • Theron Preston Washington (R)

    State Senate

    State House

    District 4A

    • Mara Morken (DFL)

    Special Supreme Court

    State Supreme Court

    Schools Boards

    Municipal Government

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