Grand Forks Police Department releases COVID-19 update


From the Grand Forks Police Department:

The Grand Forks Police Department is not immune to the impact COVID-19 is having on us all. We would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that our public safety service will continue, even if it looks a little different for a while, and provide some insights into what those differences will look like.  These protocol changes are in line with recommendations from the CDC and Department of Health, and are in the interests of the health and welfare of citizens and officers alike.

Our lobby is closed to the public as of today.  You may still use the entryway to contact PSAP (emergency services dispatch) via the red phone within that entryway, but you will not be permitted into the lobby to wait to speak to an officer.

PSAP has updated their Emergency Medical Dispatch Protocols, so you will get some new questions if you call for medical services. Please be patient, and know the communications staff is working in the background to dispatch resources to assist you, while they continue to ask you questions.

We have enhanced our sanitizing efforts, both within our facilities and with our patrol fleet.  We will also practice social distancing in our public contacts, so please expect responding officers to generally keep a safe distance whenever the situation allows.

Police Department speaking engagements, tours, ride-alongs, meetings, etc, have been put on hold until further notice.

We would like to remind people of alternate reporting systems already in place.  As a reminder, these apply ONLY IF it is not an in-progress crime, or something that requires an officer response.  Still, if you would like to report something that does not require an officer to respond in person, we encourage you to consider reporting online when possible.  The online reporting portal may be found on the GFPD website, or at:

Additionally, we will have an officer receiving reports over the phone.  Please call the general GFPD number at 701-787-8000, and the situation will dictate whether an officer is sent to your location, or your information is taken over the phone.  We encourage people to take advantage of these alternate reporting services, to minimize interpersonal contact.

We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate personal safety recommendations forwarded by health organizations:  maintain a 6 foot distance from others; wash your hands regularly with soap and water; use hand sanitizer when washing is unavailable; avoid touching your face, when possible; cough and sneeze into tissues and immediately dispose of them; if you feel ill, self- quarantine and contact local medical resources by phone for treatment instructions.  We would also like to provide links for reliable COVID-19 resources and updates: