3-20-20 The Nightly Review


North Dakota now has 19 confirmed cases of Coronavirus with 2 people being hospitalized. While South Dakota still has 14 cases, with 1 death and over 660 negative tests. For Minnesota they now have 115 confirmed cases out of about 4,000 people tested in total. Now worldwide there are about 275,000 cases and there are 11,368 total deaths with about 91,000 people having recovered so far. The deadline for filing Federal taxes has also been moved 90 days to July 15.



Kelly Armstrong, North Dakota Congressman

Michelle Kommer, North Dakota Commerce Commissioner

Dr. Douglas Griffin, Sanford Health Chief Medical Officer

Matt Gardener, Greater North Dakota Chamber Director of Government Affairs

Randy Thorson, Local Restaurant Operator

Original Air Date: 
Friday, March 20, 2020