State Representative Ilhan Omar used state resources to conduct her own personal business according to new information obtained by State Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa).

“As we learn more about Representative Omar’s activity as a member of the Minnesota House, we continue to find more troubling violations of House Rules, and in this case, Minnesota law,” Drazkowski said.

As part of a data practices request into Rep. Omar’s acceptance of payments from state colleges for serving as a keynote speaker – a violation of Minnesota House Rules – the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (MNSCU) provided contracts and email correspondence between MNSCU and Rep. Omar. 

In these documents, it was found that Rep. Omar also accepted a payment of $250 for appearing on a panel at Minnesota State University (MSU) - Mankato on February 9, 2018.

According to the contract dated February 9, 2018, Rep. Omar represented that she was not a current employee of the State of Minnesota. It also appears that Rep. Omar has used state resources and state staff time to conduct her private business activities.  Drazkowski noted this misappropriation of state resources appears to be a violation of State Law (43A.38, subd. 4), the Minnesota House email policy, and the Minnesota House Code of Conduct.

Drazkowski said Omar must return the $250 to MSU – Mankato, stop using state employees and state resources to conduct personal business, and apologize to the state and her constituents for her repeated misconduct.

“Once again, Rep. Omar has put the House in disrepute through her actions and has not accepted responsibility for them,” Drazkowski said.