Friday Morning C-19 Update


NOTE - Below is a radio-friendly notepad used on the Need To Know Morning Show on AM1100 The Flag WZFG.  Spelling, punctuation, etc are not edited.  


NO NEW FATALITIES THURSDAY IN NORTH DAKOTA BUT THERE WERE 12 new CONFIRMED CASES OF THE VIRUS BRINGING THE TOTAL TO 159..........6 MORE IN CASS COUNTY - 43 NOW IN ALL, MORE THAN ANY OTHER COUNTY IN THE STATE....….. THERE ARE NOW ALMOST 5-THOUSND WHO HAVE BEEN TESTED ...AND 43 HAVE HAD THE VIRUS AND RECOVERED.....28 ARE HOSPITALIZED.... STILL 3 IN ALL.ONE NEW DEATH IN MINNESOTA BRINGING THAT NUMBER TO 18….53 MORE TEST POSITIVE….AND NOW A TOTAL OF 742 CONFIRMED CASES…AND ONE NEW CONFIRMED CASE IN CLAY COUNTY, NOW A TOTAL OF 8....ABOUT 23-THOUSAND HAVE BEEN TESTED....373 HAVE RECOVERED....NO FATALITIES IN SOUTH DAKOTA YESTERDAY ....36 NEW POSITIVE TESTS THERE....165 NOW TOTAL..... ABOUT 4-THOUSAND HAVE BEEN TESTED....ACROSS THE US, NO SIGNS OF A SLOWDOWN WITH 968 NEW FATALITIES THURSDAY....MORE THAN 2-THOUSAND OVER THE LAST 2 DAYS.........ALMOST 6-THOUSAND NOW TOTAL....WITH NEARLY 30-THOUSAND CONFIRMED NEW CASES THURSDAY....THE TOTAL NUMBER OF CASES APPROACHING A QUARTER MILLION AT 245-THOUSAND.......BUT....A POSITIVE MILESTONE TODAY TOO....MORE THAN 10-THOUSAND HAVE HAD THE VIRUS AND RECOVERED....worldwide THE DEATH TOLL WENT OVER 50-THOUSAND THURSDAY ....NOW JUST OVER 54-THOUSAND HAVE DIED, AFTER ADDING ABOUT 6-THOUSAND FATALITIES YESTERDAY.....THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE MILLION CONFIRMED CASES,...... WHILE more than 210-THOUSAND have had the virus worldwide and have recovered.....THE WORLDS NEW HOT SPOT IS FRANCE....THE MOST TO DIE IN ANY COUNTRY IN ONE DAY - CAME THURSDAY THERE WITH ALMOST 14-HUNDRED FATALITIES...FRANCE SURGING TO THE 4TH SPOT IN REPORTED FATALITIES BEHIND ITALY, SPAIN AND THE US....AS COMPARED TO THE 968 FATALITIES IN THE U-S YESTERDAY....THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL SAYS AT LEAST 128 PEOPLE HAVE DIED PER DAY FROM THE INFLUENZA VIRUS SINCE OCTOBER 1ST...***HERE ARE YOUR LATEST HEADLINES -A KAISER FOUNDATION POLL SAYS 82% OF AMERICANS report that they are sheltering in place and not leaving home except for essential needs such as food and medical care.THE POLL ALSO FOUND THAT approximately four out of 10 Americans HAVE LOST their jobs or work-related income because of the coronavirus crisis, including more than half of part-time workers.About 80% SAID the U.S. should take measures aimed at slowing the spread of VIRUS EVEN IF IT MEANS MANY BUSINESSES WILL HAVE TO STAY CLOSED....Nearly half the people in the United States feel the coronavirus crisis is harming their mental health,...THE POLL FOUND THAT 45 percent of adults say the pandemic has affected their mental health, and 19 percent say it has had a “major impact.” The rates are slightly higher among women, Hispanic adults and black adults....NDSU AND UND BOTH MAKING ANNOUNCEMENTS THURSDAY THAT MEMBERS OF THEIR CAMPUS COMMUNITY HAVE TESTED POSITIVE...NOTHING FURTHER IS BEING RELEASED BUT UND SAYS ITS MEMBER HAS NOT BEEN ON CAMPUS SINCE MONDAY.ND GOVERNOR DOUG BURGUM SAID THURSDAY THAT HE'S CONCERNED ABOUT REPORTS OF RESIDENTS NOT RESPECTING SOCIAL DISTANCING AND GATHERING ORDERS....HE SAYS WE CAN'T BE FOOLED JUST BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE THE FATALITIES THAT OTHER STATES DO.....SOT......BURGUM SAYS IT IS MISLEADING THAT A RELATIVELY SMALL NUMBER OF CONFIRMED CASES WERE REPORTED THURSDAY...AT 12....HE SAYS THAT NUMBER IS ONLY WHAT WAS REPORTED FROM 3PM WEDNESDAY TO MIDNIGHT....AND THAT TODAY AT 11 AM A FULL 24 HOURS OF RESULTS FOR THURSDAY, WILL BE RELEASED...STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL WAYNE STENJEM WARNED NORTH DAKOTANS TO BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE VIRUS.....HE SAYS SCAMS ARE COMING via emails and telephone, including one with the caller or sender notifying the recipient there’s a CURE for coronavirus THAT THEY CAN BUY. SUCH A CURE HE SAYS DOES NOT EXIST.MINNESOTA'S NEWEST FATALITY BRINGS THE STATE TO 18....THIS ONE A 69 YEAR OLD RESIDENT OF THE TWIN CITIES....IT'S NOT KNOWN IF THE PERSON HAD UNDERLYING HEALTH PROBLEMS...BUT THEY WERE NOT IN A LONG TERM CARE FACILITY.....THE STATE HAS BEEN RELUCTANT TO SHARE THE NAMES OF THE CARE FACILITIES WHO HAVE HAD CASES AND DEATHS, AND GOVERNOR TIM WALZ SAID TODAY THAT MORE INFO IS IMPORTANT, AND COMING SOON AS EARLY AS TODAY ....SOT ....WALZ SAID THAT Due to more severe complications of the virus, 38 patients were in intensive care units THURSDAY, AND THAT'S 11 more than Wednesday....Flu-related hospitalizations have also plummeted IN MINNESOTA, with just 27 admissions last week, the fifth consecutive weekly decrease. Since the flu season began last fall, more than 4,000 people had required hospital care, making it one of the more active seasons in the past few years.Moorhead Public Schools says effective immediately, all DISTRICT playgrounds, ATHLETIC FIELDS, and outdoor facilities are closed for use....BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY TO CLEAN OR SANITIZE THEM BETWEEN USES...Home improvement chain Menards is now limiting who can come into its stores during the pandemic.....THEY ARE NOT ALLOWING children under the age of 16, or pets, in THEIR STORES.......Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said THURSDAY that THEY'RE SPEEDING UP THE START OF MONEY GETTING OUT TO AMERICAN TAXPAYERS...THE INITIAL COMMITMENT WAS TO START WITHIN 3 WEEKS OF THE LAW BEING PASSED, BUT MNUCHIN SAYS HE'S NOW now committing to two weeks....THE ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS THAT The federal government expects to begin making payments to millions of Americans under the new stimulus law in mid-April, but some people without direct deposit information may not get checks until mid-August or later....The checks will be issued in reverse order of adjusted gross income, meaning that people with the lowest income will get payments first....filers will GET A paper check unless their direct deposit information IS ON FILE WITH THE IRS... Nonfilers may need to file the simple tax return and likely include direct deposit information if they want to receive their rebates quickly. ....The IRS expects to create a portal in late April or early May that will allow taxpayers to find out the status of their rebate payment and update direct deposit information.VERY FEW OF US ARE HOPPING ON PLANES THESE DAYS...The TSA SAYS IT screened ABOUT 146-THOUSAND people on Tuesday, down 93% from one year ago.NYC MAYOR BILL DEBLASIO IS CALLING FOR NEW YORKERS TO WEAR FACE MASKS WHENEVER THEY GO OUT AND THE WHITE HOUSE TASK FORCE IS APPARENTLY IN AGREEMENT, SAYS BLOOMBERG NEWS....Most members of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force have REPORTEDLY come to agree that Americans should begin wearing face coverings in public and could issue formal guidance on the matter soon....The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday approved a new test for coronavirus antibodies, the first for use in the United States.....Currently available tests are designed to find fragments of viral genes indicating an infection. Doctors swab the nose and throat, and amplify any genetic material from the virus found there....The new test looks for protective antibodies in a finger prick of blood. It tells doctors whether a patient has ever been exposed to the virus and now may have some immunity.... People with immunity might be able to venture safely from their homes and help shore up the workforce. It may be particularly important for doctors and nurses to know whether they have antibodies.THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT IS OPENING IT'S BUSINESS LOAN PORTAL TODAY BUT SOME COMPANIES MAY HAVE TROUBLE, ACCORDING TO A REPORT BY CNBC....THE NETWORK SAYS none of the participating banks interviewed by CNBC were sure they’d be ready....the companies were awaiting key guidance from the Small Business Administration and Treasury on exactly how to administer the 350 BILLION DOLLAR program..More than 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week....THIS AFTER 3.3 MILLION APPLICATIONS LAST WEEK. BOTH NUMBERS WERE RECORD HIGHS....IN NORTH DAKOTA, A RECORD 12,591 PEOPLE filed jobless claims in the week ending March 28, WITH MORE THAN 3-THOUSAND OF THEM IN CASS COUNTY...The state of Minnesota reported that as of Thursday, 297,397 Minnesotans had applied for unemployment insurance since March 16, and of those, ABOUT 25-THOUSAND came in Wednesday.THERE WAS GOOD NEWS ON WALL STREET THURSDAY......THE DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS CLOSED UP MORE THAN 450 POINTS....AND WTI CRUDE OIL WAS UP 25% AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP TWEETED THAT HE WAS OPTIMISTIC THAT RUSSIA AND SAUDI ARABIA WOULD INCREASE PRODUCTION