U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) pushed President Donald J. Trump to take further immediate action to end the oil dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia at the White House energy meeting today.

“President Trump helped usher in American energy dominance, but that is under attack by both an adversary and an ally,” said Senator Cramer. “The President should keep all options on the table, from halting oil imports to moving military assets from Saudi Arabia. Let’s put America first.”

Senator Cramer also urged energy leaders to exercise corporate patriotism as the oil price war continues.

“American independent oil producers cracked the code to this energy renaissance, but Saudi Arabia and Russia want to put them out of business by exploiting a global pandemic,” continued Senator Cramer. “Instead of playing into their hand, companies should stand up for American workers and our interests.”

Saudi Arabia hosts 2,500 U.S. troops, as well as missile defense systems, to protect Saudi oil assets. The Kingdom has been a strategic partner for energy in the region until this recent oil price war with Russia, with the Saudi’s flooding the market with supply when the COVID—19 pandemic is driving demand to an all-time low. This is leading to hundreds of layoffs for workers and significant, long-term damage to American energy producers.

Senator Cramer is leading the charge in Congress to end this dispute, urging Saudi Arabia to change its behavior while making sure we protect American energy in the interim. His efforts include:

  • calling on President Trump to halt crude oil imports from these countries
  • introducing legislation to relocate U.S. armed forces protecting Saudi oil assets to another country in the Middle East.
  • leading a group of senators in speaking with the Saudi Ambassador to insist the country stop its involvement in the dispute,
  • asking the State Department and the Commerce Department to take appropriate action,
  • supporting Strategic Petroleum Reserve purchases and outlining subsequent steps, and
  • urging President Trump to continue pressing Saudi Arabia and Russia to end this dispute.