Vote-by-Mail applications going out statewide in North Dakota


The following press release is distributed from Cass County:

North Dakota residents will receive a letter from Al Jaeger, North Dakota Secretary of State. Included with the letter will be an application for an absentee ballot with your name and address prefilled. The application will have yellow boxes for information that you need to complete to get an absentee ballot for the June 9th Election.

This is not junk mail or political mail, it is your application for an absentee ballot. No voting locations will be open for this election to comply with social distancing goals. We want no election workers harmed in the making of this election, nor do we want to harm any of our valued citizens. We can do this together, just with proper distancing!

Complete the application fully, sign it, and mail it in the enclosed postage paid envelope. The envelope will be addressed to the county auditor of your county. Your ballot will be mailed in early May for the June 9th election, but only after we receive your application