Live Blog of Governor Doug Burgum Press Conference


Please Note: Due to technical issues at the State Capitol, the following are notes from the Press Conference:

  • Today's report has a low number of tests.
  • Testing is available around the state.
  • Lower number of positives due to testing numbers does not satisfy White House criteria, Burgum says
  • 9th in the nation in per capita test rate
  • Today's reported positive rate is 5.9%
  • North Dakota Smart Vulnerable Population Protection Plan has been unveiled.
    • It protects vulnerable North Dakotans, minimizes staff movement across facilities, identifies and isolates positive cases to slow spread and provide rapid response teams to conduct testing and cleaning efforts
    • Chris Jones, of the Department of Human Services, says the state will be more directive as to the proper protocol
    • The effort is planned to be kicked off tomorrow
  • There is one amendment to an executive order.
    • Local health officers now have local control of the quarantine orders
  • CARE19 app has been launched in the Android market.
    • One of the tools allowing to return to larger events
  • Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer says that businesses are working to open certain groups of businesses
  • Burgum says final guidance of self-employed (gig) workers should come in tomorrow.
    • First payment WILL INCLUDE BACKPAY
  • "I'm confident we're going to make great strides between now and then," Burgum says of the May 1 possible opening date.