Fargo Police See Increases in Overdose and Domestic Violence


Fargo Police have seen a rise in overdoses and domestic violence as the region has battled the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chief David Todd tells WZFG Radio that, compared to last year, total calls were down approximately 25% in the 30 day period ending April 13th. 

Other trends:

  • DUI offenses were down from 44 to 32
  • Traffic Citations were down from 1,246 to 550
  • Traffic stops were down from 1,628 to 623
  • Total calls for service were down from 10,404 to 7,749
  • Domestic Violence was up 290 versus 248 last year
  • Overdoses were up to 6, compared to 3 during the same period last year.

Todd, a guest on the Nightly Review Radio Show, says the overdoses have resulted in loss of life as well, but did not know how many died.  Todd says mental health calls are starting to go up as well as people face challenges of limited social interaction and loss of employment.