Cass County residents have started receiving absentee applications in the mail in the form of a letter from Al Jaeger, North Dakota Secretary of State. The application is on the back side of that letter. 

The resident’s name and address are listed on the application as it appears in the North Dakota State Voter Database. Each person needs to fill out the portions highlighted in yellow and sign the application before sending it in the postage paid envelope. 

At the top of the form is the selection for what elections a person wants an absentee ballot for in 2020. If someone wants the ballot for only the mail-in Primary Election in June, simply check that box only. The primary ballot includes all the cities in Cass County and five of the school districts: Fargo, West Fargo, Mapleton, Central Cass, and Northern Cass.

If a person wants to receive an absentee ballot for the General Election, they can also check that box and an absentee ballot will be sent in October. If a person checks all State-Wide Elections, they will receive the Primary, General and any other special State-Wide Election ballot, if that were to occur in 2020.

Residents will also need to check the type of ID they are using and include their ID number on the form.

If you have a question on the application, please call the Cass County Finance Office at 701-241-5600.