​East Grand Forks Public Works and the Council members are asking that Cities Area Transit reroutes its buses off 20th St NW until the road be fixed or reconstructed.  This will affect Routes 6 and 12 and will start on Wednesday May 13, 2020.

Route 6 will continue north on 8th Avenue NW up to 23rd Street NW. It will travel east on 23rd and then turn south on to Central Avenue. It will return to its normal route by heading east on 20th Street NE.

Route 12 will continue east on 23rd Street NW to Central Avenue. (It will not head south on 8th Avenue NW and then east on 20th Street NW.) At Central Avenue, it heads south and connect to the normal route by turning left on to 17th Street NE. Both changes will continue until 20th Street NW is either fixed or replaced.​