Fargo real estate brokerage raises over $15,000 to provide groceries for ND students, families


Fargo-based Real Estate Brokerage, Hatch Realty, raised over $15,000 to be used to provide groceries to students and families in Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Forks.  This initiative was in response to distance-learning as a result of COVID-19, which has disrupted the reliability of school lunches for some families. 

The online fundraiser, started and organized by Erik Hatch, Owner of Hatch Realty, came as a result of the Hatch Realty team collaborating to identify an idea they could execute to help during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“As we discussed ways we could help, our attention quickly focused on the unfortunate and difficult situation for kids with complicated home-lives who often rely on the regularity of school for both structure and nutrition,” says Erik Hatch. “We checked with the Fargo Public School district and learned that one of the greatest needs for these kids and their families is access to groceries. Grocery gift cards seemed to be the best way to go about this while practicing social distancing.” 

Utilizing social media, the real estate team was able to raise over $15,000 to provide groceries for families in need in the communities in which Hatch Realty operates. 

“We felt hopeless for a number of weeks. Wanting to help but unsure of how we could, but we knew we wanted to do something,” says Hatch. “This was our way of pitching in and trying to do something that can provide a real impact on a local level. There’s still more to do, and we encourage everyone to find a way to help a cause important to them.”