Lauren came to school at NDSU and studied Criminal Justice.  While there, she was a standout volleyball player.  In 2015, after earning her Criminal Justice Degree, the Fargo Police Department hired Lauren as our Crime Analyst.  

Lauren plays a critical role is accomplishing the police department’s service to the community.  Daily, Lauren tracks criminal offenses which occur in our city in effort to link any trends which may exist.  Criminal offense, location, time of day, day of week, and eyewitness statements are all variables Lauren compares to crimes across the region for commonalities.  If a trend exists, Lauren notifies the department’s district commanders who then deploy resources accordingly.  Lauren is also active in analyzing our departments calls for service, traffic citations, and response time to help us meet the highest service standard possible.  

Recently, the city was experiencing high levels of burglaries on the north side.  As a team player, a trait developed at NDSU, Lauren assisted her coworkers in utilizing unique methods and technology to identify the person responsible for the burglary.  As a result, future cases were stopped before they started and many previous victims were able to recover their stolen items.  

Lauren has been instrumental in helping execute an intelligence led policing model.  This concept encourages our department to think proactively in combating crime.  Trying to predict criminal behavior based on historical trends rather than simply responding to complaints is a better method.  Her organizational skills in developing a Working Plan, allows officers to quickly and easily see what intelligence exists for criminal activity in the areas of the city they serve.  

In her off time, Lauren enjoys the outdoors.  Camping, hiking, traveling, and spending time with family are some of her favorite pastimes.    

Lauren embodies the Fargo Police Department’s Quality Service Standards, Safety, Courtesy, Empathy, and Trust. 

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