The City of Fargo currently has one opening for a member on its Library Board.  Residents are encouraged to apply for appointment by visiting

Applications will begin to be reviewed on June 12 and applying before that date is strongly encouraged and appreciated.

Name of Board:                                 Library Board

Opening(s):                                       One (1) Member

Meeting Logistics:                            Third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Commission Chambers within Fargo City Hall

Average Time Commitment:           Four to eight (4-8) hours per month


1.       Makes and adopts such bylaws, rules and regulations for the management of the library and reading room.

2.       Controls, exclusively, the expenditures of all moneys collected for or contributed to the library fund.

3.       Conducts supervision, care and custody of the library property, and of the rooms or buildings constructed, leased or set apart for use of library purposes.

4.       Facilitates contracts to furnish library services and to receive library services from other counties, school districts and cities of the state of North Dakota and adjoining states and the state library.

5.       Employs qualified personnel to administer the public library and dispense library services.

In addition to these openings, residents are encouraged to research and apply for appointment to any of the boards, commissions and committees for consideration in the event of future vacancies.   Mayor Tim Mahoney stated, “We are actively seeking applicants with backgrounds and experiences to effectively represent the people of Fargo. Please consider serving your community.”