Cramer issues statement on Trump's signature on Never Again Education Act


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) issued the following statement on President Donald J. Trump signing the Never Again Education Act into law:

“President Trump has been the most pro-Israel president in my lifetime and has stood up to anti-Semitism bigotry better than any president I’ve ever known. The President knows anti-Semitism is an evil ideology which must be called out and condemned wherever it is found, and he understands how dire it would be to allow the Holocaust to be forgotten or intentionally distorted. I am grateful he signed the Never Again Education Act, which helps ensure the next generation is both properly taught about one of history’s most dark and deadly events, and educated about the consequences of such a bigoted belief system.”

The Never Again Education Act dedicates a federal fund through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to provide teachers and parents with the resources and training necessary to teach children the important lessons of the Holocaust. The fund also accepts private donations.

Senator Cramer and his colleagues last July introduced this bipartisan bill, which received local and national praise. It passed the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed in January and advanced through the Senate by voice vote earlier this month.

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