Via West Fargo Police Department 

SRO Todd Pearson, who is at Cheney Middle School and SRO Jason Balvik, who is at West Fargo High School, were both selected by our administration for this award due the outstanding job they do with the students and staff within the West Fargo School District. Together SRO Pearson and SRO Balvik have given their all to help guide our students in a direction to succeed not only in school, but also in life. These two gentlemen are a very large reason as to why our SRO program is so successful. SRO Pearson and SRO Balvik are driven to do what it takes to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our youth today. As you may have seen from the YouTube video, there were over 1,500 students up and cheering these two during a dance off. To many this may not be the norm, but for these guys this is just one more step in completing a job that is so demanding yet so rewarding because of the kids that are effected every day. The WFPD is happy to have the opportunity to show our appreciation to these two SRO’s and the hard work they have done.