Charges Dropped Against Bear, Filed Against Two Others

(Top: Jordan Plouffe​, Bottom: Robert Peightal)

The Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office says charges will be dropped against a man accused of homicide in the death of Jakob Dirks, and two other men are now facing charges in the case.

Alan Bear, age 21, of Cooperstown, was initially arrested after an incident early Saturday morning, in which Dirks was stabbed. He later died.

The State’s Attorney’s Office says, in a statement, that Alan Bear acted in self-defense or defense-of-others, defending Shawn Bear. Thus, the State’s Attorney’s Office declines to charge Bear.

Charged are Robert Peightal and Jordan Plouffe. They both face two charges—one Class B Felony charge of Conspiracy to Commit Robbery and a Class C Felony charge of Conspiracy to Commit Terrorizing.

One of Peightal’s charges alleges the presence of a dangerous weapon, carrying the possibility of a four-year mandatory minimum.

They appeared in Cass County District Court Monday afternoon for their initial appearance.