Court proceedings continue in the cases relating to May 30th’s protest in downtown Fargo, which later escalated to a riot.

According to Cass County States Attorney Birch Burdick, his office currently is handling approximately 20 cases in relation to the activities of that evening. Burdick says these cases continue to be ongoing through the legal process.

“Some are misdemeanors, some felonies, dependent upon the behavior,” Burdick tells WZFG News.

He also says the case against Michael Griffin, the 47-year-old man who drove his vehicle past a roadblock that was in place to protect a protester, is still ongoing. On June 1, Cass County filed charges of aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment, both Class C felonies, with one carrying a mandatory minimum sentence of 2 years, if convicted.

Burdick says Griffin has counsel and the court has set his bail at $10,000 cash or bond. He has a preliminary hearing/arraignment set for July 8.

The victim was on the vehicle for approximately 3 blocks.

Burdick says all individuals are “considered innocent until proven guilty.”