August 2020 Salute to Law Enforcement Honoree: Trooper Jonathan Skalicky


Trooper Jonathan Skalicky has been employed with the ND Highway Patrol for ten years.  He served as a trooper in Cooperstown before moving to his current position in Valley City.  Assignments within the NDHP have included motor carrier trooper and traffic trooper positions. Prior to employment with the NDHP, Jon was a police officer at several different police departments in North Dakota.  He has made his life’s work being a true public servant.  Trooper Skalicky has been a weapon instructor, both locally and at the statewide level.  For several years he taught all new weapon instructors in North Dakota.  Jon has also been a field training officer, teaching new NDHP recruits on how to be a successful trooper.  Jon is committed to the NDHP Mission of, “Making a difference everyday by providing high quality law enforcement services to keep ND safe secure.”  Jon is steadfast in this commitment to keeping our communities safe through his enforcement of traffic and criminal laws, assisting our local partners in their calls for service, assisting the public roadside when needed and educating the public through safety talks.  Trooper Skalicky is a volunteer with the Abused Person Outreach Center in Valley City, helping affected persons and families in their time of need and has organized the local ND Special Olympics Torch Run in the Valley City area for many years.  Trooper Skalicky is an informal leader in our organization, who leads by example in his loyalty to the public we serve, his commitment to improving lives in his work area and his professionalism in all interactions with the public.  Jon inspires success each and every day.  The NDHP and the State of ND are privileged to have Trooper Skalicky as an ambassador.