North Dakota delegation tours site of Project Tundra


U.S. Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee member, participated in a tour of the Project Tundra test well with Senator John Hoeven and Representative Kelly Armstrong today, where he highlighted the great potential of this project and emphasized the importance of producing reliable energy in America. This follows the coal producer roundtable Senators Cramer and Hoeven hosted this week with Energy Secretary Brouillette, as well as Senator Cramer’s work this year to advance the 45Q carbon capture tax credit.

“Once again, North Dakota is leading the way. Through this carbon capture technology, Project Tundra is ground zero for the future of reliable energy production in this country,” said Senator Cramer. “As Energy Secretary Brouillette outlined in Minot this week, reliable energy sources like coal keep the lights on when others cannot. They are an indispensable part of President Trump’s energy dominance agenda, and we are committed to supporting them and advancing tools like the 45Q tax credit to ensure projects like this keep moving forward.”

As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources and Energy and Water Development Appropriations Committees, Hoeven has worked to support EERC in this and other CCUS efforts and has secured $43 million for Project Tundra to date. This comes part of the senator’s broader efforts to support the state’s coal industry and maintain its role as a reliable source of baseload power, which is critical to the state’s quality of life and economy. 

“Project Tundra is a tremendous opportunity that will allow us to continue harnessing our abundant coal reserves, which are central to maintaining affordable and reliable electricity production for homes and businesses, while also reducing emissions,” said Hoeven. “I appreciate the opportunity to see the test well and other progress on the project firsthand, and as it moves forward, we continue working to support the efforts of the EERC and its partners. This includes enhancing the 45Q tax credit, which offers an important revenue stream to coal producers and project developers and will help make projects like this more commercially-viable.”