December 2017 Salute to Law Enforcement: Detective Troy Hanson

Via Fargo Police Department 

Detective Troy Hanson started his career with the Fargo Police Department in October of 2012. Troy is originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota and graduated from UND with a degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to working for the Fargo Police Department he was a Deputy Sheriff in Morton County and also previously worked at the Red River Regional Dispatch Center. Troy quickly became a popular officer with his peers and the citizens he served. Troy worked hard in his assigned area of Fargo to make it a better place for the people that lived in those areas. He was known for being tough on those that committed crime, but even more important he was known for reaching out to the kids in those areas. Between calls for service it was not uncommon to find him building community trust with the youth of those neighborhoods by playing basketball with them. He could be found at Dike East or the Community Homes basketball courts competing while in full uniform. In January of this year he was selected to move into our investigations division as a property detective. He quickly saw success in his case work because of the hard work he puts in and he never leaves a stone unturned. He has also maintained some of the community ties he built as a patrol officer to assist in his role as a detective. Within the past few months Troy has now transitioned from primarily investigating property crimes to investigating personal crimes. If you are a victim of a crime you want Troy investigating your case; if you are a suspect you may want to count your days before you see a Judge in court. In 2017 Det. Hanson was assigned 114 cases and currently has a 65% clearance rate, the North Dakota average for property crime is around 30% according to FBI statistics.