A drawing submitted by a student from Dakota Montessori School illustrating what they love about living in Fargo.  The drawing was one of many selected to appear on an 12’x14’ structure set for installation in the River’s Bend neighborhood of West Fargo.

A community art piece planned for installation in the River’s Bend development of West Fargo is continuing to take shape.  Earlier this week, a house-shaped piece finished construction and was delivered to the production warehouse of Office Sign Company, a Fargo-based printing company who will print and apply the design.  The art being designed for application to the house is made entirely of drawings submitted by children from Fargo-Moorhead.  To submit a drawing, children were told to draw “their favorite thing about living in Fargo.”  Over 150 drawings were submitted by children from Bright Futures Learning Center, Dakota Montessori School and The Goddard School of Fargo.

The structure is part of a project and campaign launched by local real estate development company, River’s Bend Corporation, whose goal was to provide exposure to the scenes and places people love about Fargo.  “When we launched this campaign, we weren’t sure what we were going to see and get from the children and schools,” says Rick Burgum, a developer with River’s Bend Corporation.  “Seeing what has been submitted has been an absolute delight and joy and we’re excited to share the drawings with the installation of this piece.” 

Once complete, the house-like structure with the children’s drawings will stand to be over 12’ tall and over 14’ wide.  It will be installed in the River’s Bend neighborhood in West Fargo for the public to view.  The installation is slated to take place in October.