May 2018 Salute to Law Enforcement: Officer Scott Normandin


Officer Scott Normandin serves as a Downtown Resource Officer on the evening shift, and he also serves in several other roles within the department. As a DRO, Officer Normandin works with downtown businesses and stakeholders to improve safety and act as a liaison between them and the Fargo Police Department. He also is an informal leader for the other downtown officers, as he frequently shares information or provides direction to the team. In addition to his role as a DRO, Officer Normandin serves as a Police Training Officer. He assists in the administration of the PTO program, and he instructs other PTOs. Another key role for Officer Normandin has been as a member of the department’s Peer Assistance Counseling Team (PACT). As a member of PACT, Officer Normandin has been actively involved in police suicide prevention, helping to improve police mental health, and providing counseling for many of his peers. His PACT contribution was instrumental in the aftermath of the Officer Moszer shooting. Officer Normandin exemplifies the department’s quality service standards every day, and he is an excellent role model for other officers. Because of all of this, I believe Officer Normandin is worthy of the May Salute to Law Enforcement.