2020 Election Night Headquarters

 Minnesota and North Dakota, plus all the national elections and ballot measures.

Election Night Headquarters - November 3 at 7 p.m.

The races, the results, the reaction – all in one place! Minnesota and North Dakota, plus all the national elections and ballot measures.

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Where to Vote in Cass County and Clay County 


Presidential Candidates

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (R) (Incumbent)

Joe Biden/Kamala D. Harris (D)

Jo Jorgensen/Spike Cohen (L)

North Dakota Ballot Measures

Measure 1 Amendment Changing the Membership and Terms of the Board of Higher Education (SCR 4016) - Education

Measure 2 Double Election or Legislature Approval Requirement for Initiated Amendments Measure (SCR 4001) - Direct Democracy Measure

North Dakota Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Zach Raknerud (D)

Steven Peterson (L)


Doug Burgum / Brent Sanford (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Shelley Lenz / Ben Vig (D)

DuWayne Hendrickson / Joshua Voytek  (L)

State Auditor

Josh Gallion (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Patrick Hart (D)​

State Treasurer

Tom Beadle (R) *WINNER*

Mark Haugen (D)

Insurance Commissioner

Jon Godfread (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Public Service Commissioner

Brian Kroshus (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Casey Buchmann (D)

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Kirsten Baesler (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Brandt Dick

North Dakota Supreme Court Justice

Jon Jay Jensen (Incumbent)

State Legislature

District 16 House of Representatives

Ben Koppelman (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Andrew Marschall​ (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Hamida Dakane (D)

Tracey Wilkie (D)

District 16 Senate

David Clemens​ (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Kari Breker (D)

District 20 House of Representatives

Mike Beltz (R) *WINNER*

Jared Hagert (R) *WINNER*

Zachary Blotsky (D)

John Pederson (D)

District 20 Senate

Randy Lemm (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Paul Hanson (D)

District 22 House of Representatives

Michael Howe (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Jodi Meisch (D)

Brandy Pyle (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Will Thompson (D)

District 22 Senate

Mark Weber (R) *WINNER*

Laetitia Hellerud (D)

District 44 House of Representatives

Josh Boschee (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Karla Rose Hanson (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Scott Wagner (R)

District 44 Senate

Tim Flakoll (R)

Merrill Piepkorn (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

District 46 House of Representatives

Shannon Roers Jones (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Jim Kasper (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Ben M. Hanson (D)

Ben W. Hanson (D)

District 46 Senate

Jim Roers (R) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Terri Hedman (D)

Cass County Commissioner

District 1

Chad Peterson *WINNER*

Lydia Tackett

District 3

Jim Kapitan *WINNER*

Ken Pawluk

District 5

Mary Scherling *WINNER*

Marty Johnson


Minnesota Candidates

U.S. House of Representatives

District 1

Jim Hagedorn (R) (Incumbent)

Dan Feehan (D)

Bill Rood

District 2

Angie Craig (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Tyler Kistner (R)

Adam Weeks

District 3

Dean Phillips (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Kendall Qualls (R)

District 4

Gene Rechtzigel (R)

Betty McCollum (D) (Incumbent)

Susan Pendergast Sindt

District 5

Ilhan Omar (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Lacy Johnson (R)

Michael Moore

District 6

Tawnja Zahradka (D)

Tom Emmer (R) (Incumbent)

District 7

Michelle Fischbach (R) *WINNER*

Collin Peterson (D) (Incumbent)

Rae Hart Anderson

Slater Johnson

District 8

Marjorie Holmstrom-Sabo (D)

Pete Stauber (R) (Incumbent)

Judith Schwartzbacker

U.S. Senate

Tina Smith (D) (Incumbent) *WINNER*

Jason Lewis (R)

Oliver Steinberg

Kevin O'Connor

District 4 State Senate

Kent Eken (D) (Incumbent)

Mark Larson (R)

District 4A State House

Heather Keeler (D) *WINNER*

Edwin Hahn (R)

District 4B State House

Paul Marquart (D) (Incumbent)

Brian Anderson (R)

Moorhead City Council

Ward 1

Matthew Gilbertson *WINNER*

Quindlynn Overland

Alexa Dixson-Griggs

Ryan Jensen

Kristine Thompson

Ward 2

Laura Caroon *WINNER*

Ward 3

Larry Seljevold *WINNER*

John Bell

Ward 4

Steve Lindaas *WINNER*

Dave Anderson

Jeremiah Jones

Clay County Commissioners

District 1

Benjamin Hammer

Jenna Kahly *WINNER*

District 2

Frank Gross *WINNER*

District 5

David Ebinger *WINNER*