New parking garage opens to the public as phase one of mercantile project is completed


The City of Fargo’s newest parking garage located at 410 5th St. N. is open to the public beginning Monday, November 2. The ramp creates 367 new public parking spots in the downtown neighborhood which will be free to use on weekends and after 5 p.m. on weekdays. The garage is paid for entirely by users and new property taxes from downtown tax increment districts. As a self-sustaining and self-funding system, Fargo’s Parking Authority plays a key role in providing parking infrastructure without using general fund dollars.

The new public garage is part of the greater Mercantile Project, a public-private partnership between the City of Fargo and private partners Kilbourne Group and developers Tom and Kari Smith. The opening of the garage marks the completion of phase one of the project. The project’s first phase broke ground in December 2019. Phase Two of the project includes the construction of 100 apartments, 9 condos, commercial and retail space as well as public restrooms and a Fargo Police Department substation.

“This new garage is an example of the City of Fargo’s commitment to maintaining parking availability, affordability and convenience in our Downtown neighborhood,” stated Fargo Mayor Dr. Tim Mahoney.

The new garage is the fourth public garage within a couple blocks of Broadway.

“The City of Fargo has been strategic in ensuring that Downtown Fargo’s parking supply stays ahead of demand,” said Mike Allmendinger, president of Kilbourne Group. “This new garage is opening just in time to make downtown holiday shopping an even better experience. We invite you to come downtown, park in one of the four convenient garages, take in the lights and the bustling sidewalks and enjoy your city.”