Fargo Public Schools to implement instructional changes


The Fargo Public Schools (FPS) COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee has developed a plan to phase-in full time in-person learning for both elementary and secondary students. Level changes are unique for specific grade levels and will take effect on different dates. The changes are as follows:

  • Elementary Schools: Level 4 – In-Person Instruction (4 days per week) until at least November 30, 2020
  • Middle Schools: Level 3 – Hybrid Instruction transition to Level 4 – In-Person Instruction (4 days per week)
    • Sixth grade transitions to four days November 30, 2020
    • Seventh grade transitions to four days December 14, 2020
    • Eighth grade transitions to four days January 19, 2021
  • High Schools: Level 3 – Hybrid Instruction until January 19, 202

At their meeting on November 16, the FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee will decide on transitioning to elementary in-person instruction five days a week based on the number of elementary students quarantined or isolated. In-person instruction four days a week allows for FPS staff to connect and support students that are quarantined or isolated during the distance learning day for all other students. Therefore, transitioning to five days a week with a significant number of students continuing to be quarantined or isolated can create additional gaps for learning loss. If the committee decides that elementary schools will remain in in-person instruction four days a week, this decision will be in effect until at least January 19, 2021 to provide consistency the rest of the semester.

Due to the complexity of high school schedules and classes requiring credit for graduation, a grade level phased-in approach cannot be implemented the same way it can for middle school. High school students will remain in Level 3 – Hybrid Learning until at least January 19.

The FPS COVID-19 Instructional Plan Committee’s adopted plan sets a goal of returning to in-person instruction for all grade levels five days a week beginning the second semester, which begins on January 19, 2021. At times, Fargo Public Schools may need to transition one or multiple buildings to distance learning for set periods of time due to staffing shortages. Though the committee adopted a plan with an established timeline as a goal, it is important to know that the committee will adapt and make changes based on new information or guidance, if needed. The timeline referenced above is the goal of the plan that was adopted. If guidance and data require a change or delay in this plan, the committee can exercise that option at future meetings.