North Dakota November 3 election results certified


The State Canvassing Board met this afternoon at 1:30 in the Coteau Room in the State Capitol to certify the November 3, 2020, election results for statewide, legislative, judicial, and soil conservations districts.  The function of the Board is limited to certifying the totals cast in the election for the respective positions.  It does not have the authority to determine whether any individual candidate was qualified.

The certified results are available at Vote.ND.Gov and then by clicking on Election Results.  Although the results listed are official, the website will not be identified as Official until later this evening because of a pending automatic recount in a soil conversation district contest.

A demand recount option was identified for Legislative District 18 in Grand Forks County.  For a demand recount to be initiated, the request for one must be received no later than Monday.

Serving on the State Canvassing Board were Al Jaeger, Secretary of State, Petra Hulm, Clerk of the Supreme Court, Kelly, Schmidt, Treasurer, Corby Kemmer representing Rick Berg, Chairman of the North Dakota Republican party, and Michael Taylor representing Kylie Oversen, Chair of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL party.