New West Fargo ordinance creates snow emergency declaration


The City of West Fargo has enacted a new snow emergency route ordinance that allows the City of West Fargo to declare a snow emergency. According to City ordinance 2-0403, Commission President Bernie Dardis can declare a snow emergency as soon as 3 inches or more of snow and ice buildup on the roads. To be consistent across the metro area, the City of West Fargo will utilize a general standard operating procedure of declaring when 4 inches of snow has built up, but has the ability to declare as early as 3 inches if necessary. The City will share a snow emergency declaration announcement on, social media and with local news.

When a snow emergency is declared, vehicles cannot park on a snow emergency route. These routes are clearly marked with signs, or residents can visit the online snow emergency route map to check their address. Residents will have three hours after the emergency is declared to relocate their vehicles if parked on a snow emergency route.

Snowplow crews do not need to wait for a snow emergency declaration before clearing snow. However, when an emergency is declared, crews will work to clear snow emergency routes of snow and ice from curb to curb making it essential for vehicles to be removed from the road. This will not include snow removal from residential driveways or frontage roads adjacent to the route. Crews will stay focused on snow emergency routes for as long as the snow falls and wind is a factor.