North Dakota Legislature to convene Tuesday

The North Dakota State Legislature is set to convene on Tuesday for its 67th Legislative Assembly Regular Session.

The date for the crossover of bills is Friday, February 26, with the Legislature recessing March 1 and 2, before reconvening for the second portion of the session on March 3. 

Section 7 of Article IV of the Constitution of North Dakota limits regular sessions to 80 natural days during a biennium and defines a "natural day" as a period of 24 consecutive hours. House and Senate Rules 104 provide that a legislative day begins at 7 a.m., so each legislative day ends at 7 a.m. the following day.

The North Dakota House is led by Speaker Reprepresntative Kim Koppelman (R-District 13) and Majority Leader Representative Chet Pollert (R-District 29).

The North Dakota Senate is led by President of the Senate, Republican Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford, President Pro Tempore Senator Randy Burckhard (R-District 5) and Majority Leader Senator Rich Wardner (R-District 37).