Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Stumps for Kelly Armstrong


Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy joined North Dakota Congressional candidate Kelly Armstrong in Fargo Saturday to discuss North Dakota priorities and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. McCarthy and Armstrong toured True North Steel, a local business, along with their employees, that has benefitted from the new tax cuts.

Armstrong, a Republican State Senator from Dickinson, is seeking North Dakota’s lone seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, is a strong proponent of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. During his time in the North Dakota Senate, he consistently voted in favor of lowering individual and corporate taxes.

Leader McCarthy, a Republican serving from California’s 23rd Congressional District, has been the House Majority Leader since 2014. He views North Dakota’s business climate a model for the country, and says Congress needs more leaders like Armstrong.

Earlier in the day, Armstrong and McCarthy met with young professionals and grass roots supporters and encouraged them to stay in engaged in the political process and to continue to work on behalf of all Republican candidates as the November 6th election nears.