Grand Forks Woman Arrested for DUI


On Sunday, at about 6:17 p.m., officers of the Grand Forks Police Department were dispatched to the intersection of Demers Avenue and Washington Street, for a report of a female who appeared to be passed out behind the wheel and blocking traffic.

Upon arrival to the area officers located a black 2012 Ford Fusion facing west in the south bound turn lane of Demers Avenue with a female inside who appeared to be passed out.  Officers began a DUI investigation and attempted to wake the female up but were unsuccessful.  During the investigation officers saw the car was still in drive and the driver had her foot on the brake.  Officers were unable to put the vehicle in park due to the doors being locked.  At that time, on scene, officers intentionally placed a patrol car in front of the female’s car and made contact with it in order to prevent her from suddenly taking off and potentially causing a crash in the intersection. 

Officers were eventually able to wake the female up and upon doing so she attempted to leave the intersection.  In doing so the female pushed her car into the patrol car causing minor damage to both vehicles.  The female, 24 year old Brooke Blikre, of Grand Forks, was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence and No Liability Insurance.  No injuries occurred during this incident and the vehicle contact occurred at low speed.