By Ed Schafer

The stakes for North Dakota on November 6 th could not be greater. Republican policies and governance have unleashed our energy sector, energized the business community and deregulated the agriculture arena. Federal tax reform has put more money in checkbooks.

To continue this direction, we need Kevin Cramer in the US Senate. If Republican control is lost in the Senate, North Dakota could lose all it has gained.

As Nancy and I watched the debate last Friday, one thing became perfectly clear. Heidi Heitkamp is a liberal, Kevin Cramer is a conservative. I know that sounds obvious, but here is why it matters.

The Democrats’ radical tax and regulatory agenda would threaten North Dakota’s economy, which has thrived since President Trump took office. Your vote for Kevin will help us continue the upward path of advancement. But a vote to reelect Heitkamp is a vote for Chuck Schumer for Senate Majority Leader and his high tax and controlling regulatory anti-growth agenda. You may also remember moments after Judge Kavanaugh was nominated for the Supreme Court, Schumer told us how Heidi Heitkamp would be voting. He cited abortion the major factor of Democrats’ opposition. That policy led, not only to Heidi’s vote against Kavanaugh, but also her vote against viable, living baby abortion restrictions. Now abortion money swamps our airwaves.

The effect of President Trump’s historic tax cuts, deregulatory policies, and business friendly agenda cannot be overstated. Our energy industry is thriving thanks to the President’s leadership. As of August, North Dakota had 14,796 producing gas and oil wells, the highest number ever.

North Dakotans are also experiencing one of the best job markets in our state’s history. A 2018 report by ZipRecruiter revealed that Fargo currently has the best job market of any city in America.

Heitkamp is committed to revoke our tax cuts and impose new government controls which will reverse our economic progress.

You will hear and read an overwhelming number of ads for both candidates between now and the election. Here are some things you should consider.

Senators Dorgan and Conrad are telling us that Heidi voted against the tax cuts because the program adds to the national debt. The national debt clock shows income tax revenues are up 66%. Unfortunately, spending is up 132% pointing to the Democratic philosophy of spending your tax dollars and more. Heidi will use your vote to increase spending. Kevin will use your vote to push for lower spending.

You will also hear that she supports President Trump’s agenda. Her record tells another story.

Heitkamp repeatedly voted to obstruct President Trump’s policy agenda—including her support for a Bureau of Land Management regulation that cripples natural gas production and for the lopsided Paris Climate Accord and Iran treaty.

And you will constantly hear that Heitkamp supports the Affordable Care Act. This Democratic policy, pushed through the Senate in the dead of the night, has not made health care more affordable. Obamacare has increased dramatically the cost of your family’s insurance and thrown up barriers for doctors and hospitals. And while claiming more coverage for our citizens, Heidi fails to mention that people cannot afford the coverage so they go without.

A vote for Heitkamp will allow the Democrats to continue with this failed policy. A vote for Cramer will allow him to fight for a truly more affordable health care system. 

We have a choice next week. We can send a liberal back to Washington or we can elect a new conservative Senator who will represent North Dakota 100% of the time. Please vote for Kevin Cramer for US Senate.


(Op-ed By Ed Schafer)