Residents Encouraged to Apply to Serve on Fargo’s Historic Preservation Commission


The City of Fargo currently has one opening on its Historic Preservation Committee. Residents are encouraged to apply for appointment by visiting

Applications will begin to be reviewed on November 23 and applying before that date is encouraged and appreciated.

Name of Board:                                 Historic Preservation Commission
Opening(s):                                       One (1) Commissioner
Meeting Logistics:                            Third Tuesday of each month at 8 a.m.
Average Time Commitment:           One to two (1-2) hours a month

  1. Identifies, evaluates and designates properties significant in the history, architecture, engineering and culture of the community, state and nation. 
  2. Retains and enhances historic properties while allowing their adaptation for current use by assuring that alterations are compatible with their historic character.
  3. Assures that new construction and subdivision of lots in designated historic districts complies with the standards of the Land Development Code.

In addition to these openings, residents are encouraged to research and apply for appointment to any of the boards, commissions and committees for consideration in the event of future vacancies.