Hoeven Legislation Enabling Homeowners Around Patterson Lake & Jamestown Reservoir to Purchase Lots Headed to the President to be Signed Into Law

 Senator John Hoeven

Senator John Hoeven today announced that his legislation enabling homeowners around Patterson Lake and the Jamestown Reservoir to purchase their lots has been approved by Congress and will now go to the President to be signed into law.

The Senate Tuesday approved both S.440 and S. 2074 as amended, legislation to transfer lots at Patterson Lake to the Dickinson Parks and Recreation Department and land around the Jamestown Reservoir to the Stutsman County Park Board. Homeowners will then have the opportunity to purchase their land from these local entities.

“Homeowners at Patterson Lake and the Jamestown Reservoir have made investments in their homes and lots, and they deserve the security of owning the land they live on,” said Hoeven. “This legislation is the result of a collaborative effort by the homeowner associations as well as local, state and federal officials in Dickinson and Jamestown. We look forward to the President signing these bills into law.”

The Senate originally passed the legislation in October, however the House of Representatives amended the bills before passing them earlier this month, sending them back to the Senate for final approval. The Senate approved the legislation today, sending it to the President to be signed into law.